2017 Malibu M235

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About the 2017 Malibu M235

Malibu Makes the most luxurious Wake Boats on the market and we are lucky enough to have one of the M235 models in stock right now! This gently used 2017 Malibu M235 is in pristine condition with extremely low hours (Only 118hrs). The boat is a custom build and has every amenity on board. From the Heated Driver seat and cockpit to the ergonomic helm with 12" and 7" touch screen displays to even the custom built trailer with LED Lights throughout there is no compromise on this model. The Tower is equipped with Board Racks and Speakers from Wet Sounds. Why Buy New?? Come in and Save on this amazing boat!

The one you’ve been waiting for… is the one we’ve been waiting for, too. Developed in utmost secrecy, Malibu’s new M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, built as the first in a new line that gives you the edge on the water anywhere, every time. Given free rein, and challenge to think outside the box, our design and engineering crews loaded this extra-deep, 23-foot-5-inch machine with every single one of Malibu’s unique, revolutionary innovations, including our Integrated Surf Platform and the most luxurious interior and advanced helm in the industry.

Unprecedented luxury and performance. A perfect blend of beauty and power. This is the new M235, the new alpha, the ultimate expression of the state of the art. For this extraordinary boat, our design, engineering, and athlete teams worked hand in hand to deliver a seamless alignment of power, luxury, innovation, and performance, making the M235 without equal on the water. Coming standard on the M235 is everything; this boat is built to be fully loaded, an instant classic for the uncompromising customer who wants nothing but the best of the best. The result is a once-in-a-lifetime boat, whether it’s at the dock or pulling the world’s best wakeboarders and -surfers.

With the M235, you’re getting the finest, most advanced watersports technology on the planet. No other manufacturer can offer anything like Malibu’s exclusive, patent-protected Power Wedge II. This revolutionary hydraulic hydrofoil works with our engineered hull designs, hydraulic Surf Gate, Quad Hard Tank Ballast, Plug ‘n’ Play ballast, and Surf Band as part of Malibu’s peerless Integrated Surf Platform, or ISP, to give you the ultimate watersports experience. Experience the new M235 from Malibu. Rule the water.


Features may include:

Rule The Water

Developed in utmost secrecy, Malibu’s M235 was designed to be nothing less than the most ultra-premium performance towboat the world has ever seen, giving you the edge on the water anywhere, every time.

Without Equal

Everything you see and touch in the M235 exemplifies Malibu’s highest quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Most Advance And Luxurious Helm In The Industri

User-friendly 12” and 7” touch screens give you comprehensive data in an easy-to-navigate Command Center. Together with our Sport Dash rotary dial and steering wheel controls, the screens put full control at your fingertips.

Designed Like No Other

Compare the M235’s hull to other boats to see the size difference between these two watersports machines.

Power, Inovation, & Performance

We made the M235 the ultimate family boat for all ages and skill levels.

Malibus Integrated Sur Plataform At Its Pinnacle

Using the M235’s cutting-edge ISP technology, you can create what are unquestionably the biggest wakes and surf waves on the water.

The Truth Is On The Water

Get your family or friends out on the water to see why the Malibu M235 sets the bar for on–water innovation, quality, and performance.


Hull:Fiberglass / Composite
Length:23' 5"
Beam:8' 6"
Engine Configuration:Single Inboard
Engine Description:Monsoon 575 SC
Total or Max HP:575
Fuel Capacity:78gal
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